This is a publication of the travel diary of Johan Steengracht, who made a round trip in 1762 from Zeeland to London, Oxford, Bath and Portsmouth with his friends Isaac and Paul Hurgonje and Paulus Ribaut, scions from ruling families of the province of Zeeland. As is customary in this genre, the diary describes the sights the friends visited. One of the few Dutch diaries about London from this period, this manuscript is even more special due to the addition of more than 100 topographical prints that are all reproduced in the book. They were probably bought from Robert Sayer who had his shop The Golden Buck in Fleet Street. Steengracht also added a number of printed ephemera relating to events and shops visited, at such as a list of race horses to bet on and a trade card of the interior decorators Bromwich, Isherwood and Bradley. The combined survival of the manuscript and the print collection provides a unique insight into early modern private travel documentation. An introduction discribes the background of the four friends, shows they didn’t pinch pennies and explains their combined goal of business and pleasure.

From the editors